Chinese medicine massage burns your cockroaches

[Introduction]The body is getting fat because it is too much, the consumption is less than the reserve, and it is caused by the accumulation of time. Therefore, weight loss is to burn these unfortunately.

Massage to lose weight, only to find acupuncture points, grasp the good method, you can promote weight loss.

  First, the foot Sanli point massage weight loss method 1.

Inside the foot three, one finger to the outside.

It is a longevity acupoint for strengthening the body and can treat abdominal distension, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, weakness of the limbs and other symptoms.


Sanyinjiao internal toe up position of 3 fingers wide.

It is especially suitable for cold waist and foot and enhance the disease resistance of reproductive organs.

  Massage weight loss method: 3 inches under the outer knee, about one horizontal finger on the outer side of the upper bone is Zusanli.

Use your thumb to press 揉 120 times on the hole.

  Second, press the four-point massage to lose weight.

The middle position between the chest socket and the navel is particularly effective for people with low immunity in the stomach.


The gas sea navel is wide to the next finger, which has a good effect on mental disorders and depression.


Guan Yuan’s navel is 3 fingers wide, which has a relief effect on cold and other cold diseases.

  Massage weight loss method: 1, using both hands, to apply a large amount of paint from right to left to the lower abdomen and waist, draw a circle for 5 times.

  2, push 5 times from the top of the top toward the waist by drawing a circle.

  3, from the top below the vertical downwards to the lower abdomen, with two hands overlapping wave massage 3 times, and then massage in the same direction with soft kneading 5 times to promote slight decomposition and drainage.

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