Why go to Thailand, Japan and South Korea, Anqing Tianzhu Mountain has been suffering from health since ancient times!

Why go to Thailand, Japan and South Korea, Anqing Tianzhu Mountain has been suffering from health since ancient times!

Once, Huangmei Opera was hailed as the breeze in the mountains, drinking from Anqing all the way to Shanghai, and finally spreading to the whole world. Huang Mei’s film was once smashed in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Many film companies earned money because of Huang Mei’s film.When you are full, you will have a lot of Huangmei tune in “The Legend of New White Lady”, which will meet the audience during the winter vacation.

In addition to Huangmei Opera, Anqing is the most recognized geological wonder Tianzhu Mountain. In ancient times, Tianzhu Mountain was one of the five peaks in succession. It is the same as the famous mountains such as Mount Tai. It has been a favorite of celebrity Alchemists since ancient times.

The Tianzhu Mountain Scenic Area is 82.

46 square kilometers, it takes a long time to finish the tour. It takes at least two days to visit the essence. Due to time constraints, we only visited some attractions.

This time I chose to live on the shore of Alchemy Lake, mainly considering the elegant environment of this place. Whether it is the sunrise in the morning, or the classic route around the walking, it can save a lot of time.

On the first day of the afternoon, we set off from the Alchemy Lake, passing through the Emei Ridge, the Echo Terrace, the Yingfeng Peak, the Flying Tiger Peak, and finally returning to the resort hotel on the shore of the Alchemy Lake, all the way to the cool breeze, the wonders are repeated, it is memorable!

The first thing that catches the eye is the Tu Meiling. The pavilion on the mountain sets off the pines, especially the artistic conception of seeking immortality.

All the way and the wind and the sun, the pine trees and other green trees, the small arch bridge from time to time will be dotted with the old forests of the mountains and rivers.

A lot of guardrails were seen along the road. The design of the corners of some guardrails was very special. Sitting on the stone chair carved by the Taishi chair, there was a strong momentum in the world. The beautiful women in the same place sat up and laughed and said that they were Wu Mei Niang.

In Tianzhu Mountain, in fact, you don’t have to look too much for the sights. In the process of climbing, many random angles can make good photos.

Qingsong, Qifeng, Danyun, isn’t this the classic picture of Chinese ink landscape painting?

Compared to the adventures of Huashan and Huangshan, climbing Tianzhushan is much easier.

The first classic route we walked was relatively flat, the undulations of the stone steps were small, and there were many rest places and viewing pavilions along the way. Many of them were especially suitable for photographs and characteristic figures of ancient paintings.
The whole trip is relatively easy. It took about two hours for us to walk around and pat. If you don’t shoot, you can go back and forth in an hour or so.

The Yingyin Peak is made up of stone, some of which are bare brown. Some pine trees are strong and strong from the cracks of the rock, and their vitality is extremely tenacious.

Special recommendation 1.

For outdoor climbing, it is recommended to wear hiking shoes or sneakers and long trousers.

Do not wear high heels, slippers and flat shoes, which will be very tired when you walk.


It is recommended to have a trekking pole or a joint similar to a trekking pole.


Mountaineering in the morning, cold and cold, preparing a coat, flashlight is also a must.


Must bring oxygen, it can be mineral water, boiled water, pure water or sports functional drinks. When drinking water, do not drink too much.


With the right amount of candy, beef jerky, etc., if you are not physically fit, you can add energy.

Tianzhu Mountain has a lot of shops selling things. They usually go to work at 8:30 in the morning. There are instant noodles, ham, bread and various drinks for sale.


Mountaineering at a constant speed, do not run, in case of falling or pulling the muscles of the muscles and bones, when walking down the mountain, you can walk sideways while ensuring safety, which can reduce the falling force and avoid strain.

Please do not pay attention to the road under your feet when shooting and watching your mobile phone in an unsafe area.


Keep your phone open and easy to connect with the outside world.

Walking along the hiking trail marked by the attraction, the probability of risk is extremely low, but it is best to remember the rescue call of the attraction, just in case.


In the evening, you can use hot water to soak your feet for a while. If you have the conditions, you can pour the right amount of rice wine in the hot water to start the blood ventilation.

Transportation: 1.

Anqing has a Tianzhushan Airport, but there are not many flights. If you fly to Tianzhushan Airport, you can take the No. 3 bus to get off at Linghu Station after getting off the plane, and go to the Anqing Lake Binhai Bus Station.The bus of the mountain, the fare is 15 yuan / person, up to about one and a half hours; after the buried hill, take the tour bus to the Tianzhushan attractions.

2, Tianzhushan Railway Station can take a taxi to the Lin Cup after getting off the train. There are many tourist buses to Tianzhu Mountain, then transfer to the Tianzhu Mountain Scenic Area by coach.
3, Hefei Hefei Station – Tianzhushan Station train: 7 times a day, the lowest fare 28.
5 yuan, all is general, about 2 hours, after the next station reference program 2.

In fact, why go to Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea, the average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius below Tianzhu Mountain is a health holiday alternative!

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