Psychological construction of old people remarriage

Psychological construction of old people remarriage

After the old man remarries, special attention should be paid to fostering the feelings of both sides.

Because the elderly have poor plasticity, it is difficult to change the long-term life pattern. When there is a contradiction between the two parties after remarriage, they will be compared with their ex-wife or ex-husband, and it is easy to have emotional dissonance and lead to the breakdown of marriage.

  In order to enable the two sides to quickly establish a harmonious relationship and care for this belated flower of love, we must first rebuild the shadow of the ex-wife or ex-husband.

This is obviously not an easy task, but it must be done hard. If the consent and understanding of the other party is obtained, the old people’s items will be removed, so as to avoid causing objectivity and thinking; otherwise, it is necessary to get along with the old people.Scenario, or may not do a comparison between the two; learn more about the situation of some of the other old people, and try to do better than the other old people in all aspects.

  Usually pay attention not to touch the sensitive points of each other, such as the pros and cons of the conditions of the two sides, the problems of the children of the other party, the trust of each other, especially those things that are tried to avoid or dislike because of severe stimulation, ieThe other side’s heart is sore, emotionally unfortunately branded, and always pay attention to cultivate new feelings.

After the above efforts, the relationship of the remarried couple will become harmonious and a new type of happy family can be established.

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