[Causes of Nitrite Poisoning]_Nitrite Poisoning_Causes_Inducements

[Causes of Nitrite Poisoning]_Nitrite Poisoning_Causes_Inducements

Nitrite poisoning occurs from time to time. Nitrite is widely used, and people have a higher chance of being exposed to it. Generally, nitrite itself does not cause human harm.Will cause poisoning or even death.

Nitrite is found in many foods, so be aware of it in your daily diet.

The primary cause of nitrite poisoning in daily life1.

Ingestion: Intake of nitrite by salt.


Consumption of spoiled vegetables: Excessive amounts of nitrite-absorbing vegetables, such as pakchoi, greens, leek, spinach, etc.

Or eat marinated meat products with high nitrate or nitrite content, pickles and unsalted pickles.


Drugs: such as thiamines, phenacetin and so on.


Bitter well water: Adding bitter well water with high nitrate or nitrite content, steamer water, can also cause poisoning.

Seven reasons can cause poisoning. Nitrite is produced by vegetables that have been stored for a long time, rotten vegetables and cooked vegetables that have been stored for a long time.

Second, the freshly pickled vegetables are rich in nitrite.

Third, when the boiling porridge or food containing nitrate containing nitrate is placed in a dirty pot, nitrate will be reduced to nitrite by the action of bacteria.

Fourth, when eating too much vegetables, the bacteria inside may reduce nitrate to nitrite.

Fifth, add excess nitrate to cured meat products.

Six, mistakenly add nitrite as food salt to food.

Seven, dairy products contain Bacillus subtilis, which converts nitrate to nitrite.

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