[How to pickle sauerkraut is not rotten and delicious]_How to pickle_How to pickle

[How to pickle sauerkraut is not rotten and delicious]_How to pickle_How to pickle

Northeast China particularly loves pickled sauerkraut, mostly Chinese cabbage. Unlike the southern area, pickled sauerkraut often uses a large tank when pickling sauerkraut in the north.

Sauerkraut is not a good appetizer in daily life, it can also be used as a seasoning to make some samples.

Sauerkraut can be divided into Northeast sauerkraut, Guizhou sauerkraut, etc. Sauerkraut in different regions has different tastes.

The sauerkraut pickled according to the method described below is not rotten and delicious.

First, how to pickle sauerkraut is not rotten and delicious. First, ensure that the container is clean and hygienic, and does not stick to oil and flour. Second, ensure a sufficient amount of salt, because most of the cabbages grown now are fertilized with salt.Too much affects the thorough fermentation of sauerkraut, causing the sauerkraut to be not sour and too salty, which affects the taste. In the end, the Chinese cabbage should be selected symmetrically, and the solid should be placed on the bottom of the tank., Sprinkle a layer of salt on top, then release the cylinder stone.

After two days of fermentation, add cold water. Generally, you can see that the water level is a little more. The best water level is because during the fermentation, the water level is constantly rising. Therefore, the sauerkraut is continuously going down.

After two weeks, you can add cabbage to the tank, which is also a layer of cabbage and a layer of salt.

By this I mean pickled sauerkraut in a large tank, which is a large tank filled with five pickles of water.

The amount of salt is between two and a half pounds and three and a half pounds.

Pickled sauerkraut is usually chosen every eight days.

Second, how to eat sauerkraut Sauerkraut can be eaten in a variety of ways-it can be stewed, fried, and can also be used as a side dish.

The classic way to eat sauerkraut is probably stew. Many people have eaten white meat, white meat and blood sausage, which are all stews.

Such as the fried method, most people also know that some sauerkraut fried noodles, also known as pickled vegetable noodles.

But I believe that another way to eat sauerkraut is found in many restaurants.

First, stew a pot of potatoes with sauce and soup.

After that, cut the sauerkraut into strips, rinse with hot water quickly, and then squeeze to remove water.

A large bowl of miso soup with slightly thick potato sauce, accompanied by watered sauerkraut sticks, eat two dishes, you can eat both potatoes and sauerkraut dipping sauce.

This method of eating is also suitable for all kinds of dried vegetable leaves that are dried out in autumn. Only those dried vegetable leaves are delicious after dipping them in raw sauce, but sauerkraut only has the stewed sauce to taste.

Third, the precautions for pickled sauerkraut: If the cabbage is too hot, it will rot easily. Now many people do not need to scald the cabbage. The pickled sauerkraut works well.

During the marinating process, sauerkraut rots when exposed to oily utensils.

Take pickled sauerkraut, oil on your hands, and it will rot later.

Pickling sauerkraut with raw water is not recommended, it is better to use cold water.

The water for pickling sauerkraut must always be better than that of cabbage. The water in the cabbage for a few days will seep out, and the excess water will be scooped out in a timely manner. The leaves of the cabbage should also be prevented from leaking out of the water and easily rot.

If the temperature is too high, it will rot, and the sauerkraut tank will be finally fermented at 5-10 degrees. If the temperature is too high, it will rot, which is not easy to control. If the temperature is low, the fermentation time will be too long.

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