Is it necessary for my baby to drink milk at night?

Is it necessary for my baby to drink milk at night?

I remember at the time of Yang Yang’s baby, Yang Yang had headaches because of Yang Yang’s night feeding problems.

That’s Yang Yang who is 1 year old. Children like this age usually won’t get up to eat milk at night, but Yang Yang often wakes up at night crying and drinking milk.I can only feed Yang Yang with formula.

What’s different from the evening is that as soon as the day arrives, Yang Yang can’t drink enough milk.

  I asked Yang Yang’s recipes in detail, and I found out why Yang Yang was hungry at night but did n’t want to drink milk during the day.

  It turned out that the calcium water was playing tricks.

There are three problems in Yang Yang’s uncle’s rise: first, the position of calcium water is taken too seriously, and “the noise is overwhelming”; Yang Yang’s treats calcium water as a meal with milk as the main mealGet up in the morning to feed calcium water, and eat calcium water for Chinese food. Every day, calcium water fills Yang Yang’s stomach early.

  The second is that the timing of calcium water intake is too mechanical, and the calcium water is regularly and regularly fed daily.

The baby is forced to drink too much calcium water every day. The calcium water squeezes most of the stomach space and naturally cannot drink milk.

  Third, there may be too much calcium water.

Excessive calcium supplementation can also cause your baby’s appetite to decrease.

  I think that if you want your baby’s calcium supplement to be good, you need to pay attention to the following principles: First, the calcium supplement must be supplemented, but you can’t make a noise.

  Treating calcium with the correct mentality, for infants, there is also a lot of calcium in milk. If drinking calcium water affects drinking milk, it is not good.

When it ‘s time to breastfeed, you still have to feed. After feeding during the day, you do n’t need to worry about your baby getting up to drink at night.

This also develops the habit of not drinking milk at night for the baby, which can guarantee the rest of adults and children.

  Second, calcium supplements must be supplemented, but not on time.

  In fact, you don’t need to give your baby the calcium water so well, and you need to show too much time.

As long as your baby is thirsty, you can drink calcium water naturally, so you don’t need to drink so much boiled water.

You can also reduce the burden on your baby ‘s stomach during the day and make room for milk, so that you wo n’t have empty stomach at night and cry for milk.

  Third, calcium supplementation is necessary, but it cannot be overdone.

  Calcium supplementation varies from person to person. If your baby is healthy without calcium deficiency symptoms, the amount and time of calcium supplementation need not be particular.

Otherwise, too much calcium will affect the child’s development.

In fact, calcium supplements are the best. I recommend that babies eat more meals, drink more milk, and absorb calcium from food.

Some babies can get rid of calcium water and calcium tablets when food is taken properly.

  Young mothers, in the process of calcium supplementation for your babies, especially those big babies who do not need to feed at night, do you also find that your baby cries at night and often drinks milk?

This may be closely related to calcium supplementation.

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