Some sexual foreplay enjoyed by men

Some sexual foreplay enjoyed by men

Women take the initiative in sex and make sex more harmonious.

Do you know what the most caress a man enjoys?

Give your husband a passionate foreplay experience.

Let the man stand up in an instant, once he grasps several secret passions and detonation points on his body, and then cooperate with your well-behaved teeth, smart and slippery lips, and the first-class fine fingers to ensure that he will quickly slap you.beg for mercy.

  The mysterious delta is below the man’s navel to the pubic bone. It is full of sexy nerves and connections. It has even an unusual passion connection with the brain, so it may be possible to please the man, making him excited and self-sustaining. You can use the versatile hands orUse the tongue’s hair to attack the eaves, first use your fingers to massage with aggravating force, then slide on the tongue with your tongue, oh, but don’t rush to his heart, first slowly teasing three rounds.Until he is about to be on the verge of breaking the bank due to his eagerness.

  Two small peas try to recall that when he caress your full and tight double peaks, the inner heart stimulates the craze of ecstasy, and he gently licks, provokes, and scorns your sensitive nipples.I want to die, why not use the same attention on the two small peas on his chest.

The secret to making them stiff is to taste it with your lips and brain, imagine them as chocolate beans on ice cream, licking them with your lips, winding them around, then holding them with soft lips,You can take a look at the chocolate in your mouth and try to make it melt in your warm mouth.

If it is just that the game of nipples and lips is too monotonous, let’s take some real honey, fructose and other feeds!

The senses of pleasure, immediately take it to the next level.

  You may not know that for men, the ear is also a stronghold for the Heat, but it is often neglected carelessly.

According to research, men’s ears are several times more sensitive than women, and they are definitely worthy of your extraordinary care and attention when sharing cloud rain.

For the ear, your tongue is the only weapon that comes in handy. Slowly reach into your ear, then gently kiss your outline, don’t forget to turn your tongue in time, and then give it a slight sigh.Cover your ears with your lips and suck hard (do not use too much force).

For a woman’s jade neck, it may be useful to be gentle and slow; but for a man, it should be a little teasing, otherwise it will not attract.

It is best to use the whole lip, suck hard, and switch to intermittent bites. If you add vocal and hypoglycemia, your performance will make his desire completely awake. What better than the woman who wants to burn?Can it cause his actions?

  The two super-sensitive balls under the male glory are definitely the targets that people who love him can directly start.

The fierce fracture of the force made him painful, but as follows: Gently hold them in the palm of your hand and gently stroke with your fingers until he was soft and weak, and then attacked with gentle lips. In a few minutes, he will surrender immediately.Turn into your most loyal slave.

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