Mid-autumn festival eats healthy

Mid-autumn festival eats healthy

Spleen deficiency and body heat should not eat moon cakes. Chinese medicine expert Fang Bairu, deputy chief physician, said that the processing of moon cakes must be baked. Therefore, regardless of whether it is five kernel fillings, egg yolk fillings, or meat fillings, they are all hot., Excessive consumption will cause hysterosis in the body.

  First of all, people with weak spleen and stomach are not suitable to eat moon cakes, otherwise the tiredness of moon cakes will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, causing indigestion. They must eat them, and they can only eat a small amount of bean cakes.

In essence, people who are hot in the body can’t eat more moon cakes, especially the hot and humid constitution that is more common in the south.

Otherwise, it will not only be difficult to digest, but may also cause the internal fire to rise and cause acne, constipation, and edema of the gums.

  Sugary mooncakes with caution for diabetic people. Although too many mooncakes are recognized as “low sugar” mooncakes, whether they are really low sugar or not must be strictly certified by authoritative institutions.

If it is indeed a low-sugar moon cake, people with diabetes can eat less. Otherwise, using too much sugar during the processing of ordinary moon cakes will lead to an increase in blood sugar. For people with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, eat more sugar.Moon cakes will cause an increase in gastrointestinal burden, which will cause blood to be concentrated in the stomach, insufficient blood supply to other parts of the body, and dizziness.

People with weak spleen and stomach eat sugary moon cakes, and they are easy to beat. They feel panicked at the gastric cardia, feel abdominal pain first, and then turn into diarrhea.

  Chocolate is suitable for the newcomer in the limited moon cake-chocolate-filled moon cake, although it is easy to get the approval of young people, but from a health perspective, it is suitable for a limited number of people.

Because chocolate is a hot food, and young people often like to eat hot pot, they are hot, and the internal fire is constantly accumulating, and constipation, acne and other symptoms are increasing.

Chocolate moon cake further aggravates internal heat, which is bad for health. First of all, it will affect digestive function. In addition, food accumulation in the stomach will also affect respiratory function, cause chest tightness, feel belching, and impair heart and lung function.

  Ice cream eats diarrhea and blood heat. As for ice cream moon cakes, it is a taboo in the autumn seasonal diet.

Autumn temperatures are low, eating cold and cold.

And those with cold spleen and stomach, even drinking cold water may cause stomach discomfort.

People with a hot constitution may feel refreshed after eating frozen mooncakes for a while, but the material must be reversed. Instead, the severe cold will provoke a great fever. Clinically, patients often begin to have abnormal stool after eating ice cream mooncakes for several days.The symptoms of diarrhea, hot body, blood heat, etc., hurt the blood.

In severe cases, the blood viscosity may still increase, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, leading to dizziness, chest tightness, shortness of breath and other symptoms. Individuals may even have sudden shock.

  How to eat scientifically: who can eat half moon cake every time?

People who feel more healthy and usually have a more scientific diet can accept the deliciousness of moon cakes.

But also pay attention to moderation, it is best not to eat more than half each time, and to chew slowly to prevent indigestion.

When eating moon cakes, it is recommended to drink hot water at the same time, it is best to make a cup of green tea. Once your face turns blue and purple, it means that there is a problem with the blood supply.

  People who beat eruption after eating moon cakes suggest that the interval between meals should be extended and drink more green tea.

After getting up early the next day, do not eat dry foods, such as flat cakes, fried dough sticks, glutinous rice, etc. Otherwise, intermediate functions will be more difficult to recover.

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