[Krill’s Crayfish]_Krill’s Crayfish_Efficacy_Benefits

[Krill’s Crayfish]_Krill’s Crayfish_Efficacy_Benefits

It ‘s true that C. lobster is our lobster. The lobster is delicious and exquisite, with high nutritional value. It is converted into 8 kinds of amino acids required by the human body. A large amount of muscle-derived protein and myosin, a few of them are very low.Can be described as the best in seafood.

The big lobster grows fast, has strong reproduction ability, and has extremely high economic value and medical value.

Friends who love food and health must not miss the following information.

Hard-shell nutrition: Hard-shell lobster meat is considered to be the most delicious and loved by people around the world, and it has proven to be the most nutritious.

Soft-shelled lobsters lose some of their nutrients and absorb a lot of water when they change shells.

Is the healthiest choice for consumers.

Natural color: The natural color of lobsters varies from turquoise to rusty brown, and lobsters have blue or white shells.

(Except for white-shelled lobsters) When cooked, lobsters of various colors will turn red, and lobsters of different colors will be equally delicious.

Multi-colored offal: lobster meat is generally white.

But several other colors are found when eating lobster.

The dark red next to the lobster meat is the female lobster seed.

The textured green part is lobster liver. Many people like lobster liver very much and think it is part of the unique flavor of lobster.

The white foam-like substance that often appears is the aunt’s blood and blood, which are also edible.

Folks eat lobster, steamed or cooked, peeled the shells and dipped the meat, dipped in ginger and vinegar and other seasonings.

The processing of restaurants and restaurants is much more complicated. They are often changed into knives after cooking. The dishes are more commonly seen in Guangdong, Fujian, and Hainan, such as “shochu soup with lobster”, oil-soaked lobster balls, garlic steamed lobster, and so on.and many more.
Because of the decentralized nervous system in the lobster, it does not feel pain when immersed in hot water.

Lobsters have no vocal cords and do not scream as rumors suggest.

The sound people hear when cooking lobster is the sound of steam as it exits the shell.

It should be noted that it is best to remove the intestines and gills of the lobster before cooking.

The method to remove the lobster intestines is as follows: there are 3 pieces of tail nails on the tail of the lobster, and the middle piece (with the shrimp intestine) can be pulled out with a little force.

To remove gills, use scissors to remove all the gills under the shrimp head nails.

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