Preference for bitterness may have dark personality

Preference for bitterness may have dark personality

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A preference for bitter foods and drinks, such as black coffee and tonic, may mean that you have the potential for metamorphosis.

  According to the British “Daily Mail”, psychologists have found that people who have alternatives to bitter foods are more likely to suffer from enlightenment, sadism and narcissism.

They are more prone to being two-sided, selfish, cold-hearted, and lacking in compassion, and will base their happiness on the pain of others.

  The study was divided into two independent trials that analyzed a sample of 1,000 people.

Researchers at the University of Innsbruck in Austria said that there is a connection between bitter taste preferences and dark personality traits. The more a person likes bitter food, the more dark his or her personality traits are.

  In the first experiment, 500 participants had a long list of food in front of them, which were equal amounts of sweet, salty, sour, and bitter foods, including chocolate cake, bacon, vinegar, and radish.

  Participants rated these foods according to their preferences, ranging from “very disliked” to “extremely liked” on a total of 6 levels.

The average age of these participants was 35 years, after which they completed four different personality questionnaires.

  The first questionnaire tested their “proneness to aggression.”

The second questionnaire asked the participants to rate their conformity to the related enlightenment and narcissistic behavior stated in the questionnaire.

In the third questionnaire, participants must answer questions related to the “Big Five” personality (extroversion, pleasantness, conscientiousness, emotional stability).

The last questionnaire is a comprehensive assessment of their sadism.

  After comprehensively analyzing the results before and after, the researchers found the connection between bitter food and dark personality.

  The researchers then conducted a similar experiment with a sample of 450 people, further confirming the results of the first experiment.

There is no doubt that the preference for bitterness implies possessing skills, perverts, narcissism, and sadistic tendencies.

  Although the researchers did not investigate why people with these traits prefer bitterness, they think this may be because people are aware of the “happiness” from these foods.

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