A few tips for protecting blood vessels

A few tips for protecting blood vessels

1, health measures-two pieces of dark chocolate per week Dark chocolate contains natural antioxidant flavonoids, which can prevent blood vessels from hardening, increase myocardial vitality, relax muscles, prevent accumulation in blood vessels, and have certain effects on cardiovascular diseases.

  2, health measures-drinking green tea tasting usually does not prevent drinking green tea, because the catechol in it can reduce the content of bad cholesterol in the blood, increase the content of good cholesterol, enhance blood vessel flexibility, elasticity, and prevent blood vessel sclerosis.

Or drink half a cup (about 100?
150 ml) red wine, which has anti-oxidant effect. Drinking it four or five times a week can soften blood vessels well.

  3, health measures-eat blood vessels “Scavenger” Hawthorn, oats, black fungus, kumquat, eggplant, sweet potatoes, garlic, onion these eight foods can clear the blood vessels and maintain the elasticity of the blood vessel wall.

Vinegar can also soften blood vessels and lower blood lipids.

Eat less dry rice every night, boil porridge with millet and yellow rice, and add a few wolfberries and jujube to protect blood vessels.

  4, health measures-alternating hot and cold water spray Ma Yinchu lived to the age of 100, it is related to his daily “vascular gymnastics”.

Alternate spray with hot and cold water every night before bedtime, the hot water temperature is 40 ℃?
44 ℃, cold water temperature is 12 ℃?
16 ° C.

When doing “exercise”, first cool and then warm, alternate 5?
10 times, each time lasting 2?
3 minutes and ended with a hot bath.

This kind of vascular gymnastics can promote blood circulation and “wash away” garbage in the blood vessels in time.

In addition, striding fast is also a good cardio-cerebral vascular exercise, which can enhance muscle endurance and enhance vascular elasticity.

  5, health measures-exercise for half an hour before meals. Foreign studies show that exercising for half an hour every day, such as walking, cycling, swimming, playing gateball, table tennis, jogging, swimming, climbing or climbing, can reduce weight and fat.Effect, improve the degree of “rejuvenation” of blood vessels.

If you exercise moderately before meals, the effect of protecting blood vessels is better.

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