[How to make lemon duck]_ duck soup _ how to make _ how to cook

[How to make lemon duck]_ duck soup _ how to make _ how to cook

Lemons can be used for soaking in water or for soup.

Sprinkle an appropriate amount of lemon juice when making cakes or desserts. It can increase the color and taste. It will have a light taste, sweet and sour, and appetizing. Lemon duck is a common dish.Not only is the meat not greasy, it also reduces cholesterol.

Ingredients Duck, Lemon, Ginger, Salt Procedure 1.

Freshly slaughtered half of the ducks, cleaned up completely (a big piece of butt last year) 2.

Sit in a pot of water. After opening, add a piece of ginger and a small handful of peppercorns.

Add duck simmer water for 2 minutes to bloodless water 4.

Drain the water or wipe off the water with kitchen paper5.

Spread salt on both sides, and apply a little more on thick areas.

Spread until the duck meat is completely absorbed. Pour off the excess salt from the plate. Put a few slices of ginger on top and bottom of the duck.

Add boiling water to the breeding place of the duck 8.

Wrapped tin foil 9.

Put it in a steamer and steam on medium and low heat for 40 minutes.

Lemon wash 11.

Take half a slice 12.

After a few minutes, open and cover with lemon slices 13.

After wrapping the tin foil, continue to steam for 15 minutes.

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